About Us


Pena Group was formed in 2003 and is a collaboration of construction specialists, manufacturers and designers working together to create a complete experience for our clients. Whether it be ground-up construction, interior design and fit-outs, refurbishment or renovations, we strive to provide the highest in quality and services whatever the scope of the project.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the interior fit-out and construction industry, as well as extensive know-how with furniture manufacturing and design. Creativity and cutting- edge ideas are key in our philosophy of striving for excellence. Through creative and innovative solutions, we aim to achieve the highest client satisfaction by ensuring that each of our projects is completed, not only on time, but also within budget.


Pena Group’s vision is to provide a better lifestyle to our customers by delivering quality construction, built-in/loose furniture, and interior fit-out solutions. Our goal is not merely to satisfy, but to meet and exceed client expectations to the best of our ability.


Pena Group endeavours to be a growing, vibrant and dynamic company with influence and prominence in the interior fit-out, furniture, and construction industry. We strive to ensure excellence in every project through meticulous planning, management and high-quality materials, while adhering to agreed timelines and defined budgets.

Board of Directors

Ho Whye Chong

Managing Director

Mr. Ho Whye Chong graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2001. Upon the completion of his degree, he worked as a Project Engineer in Soil Mechanics Sdn Bhd where his main scope of work involved structural foundation and piling designs.

Mr. Ho was then employed briefly as a Civil Engineer in Pakatan Cergas (PG) Sdn Bhd. During this time, he was in charge of project management, structural design, site supervision and coordinating work for plan approval from the local authorities.

In 2003, Mr. Ho established Pena Builders Sdn. Bhd. and Mr. Ho responsibilities include the supervision of overall company operations and project management, including interior design work, and is actively involved in the business network aspects of the company.

Mr Ho Whye Chong has been awarded by CEO Insights Asia Magazine for "Top 10 Best Leader in Interior Designing from Asia 2023'. This award is to appreciate his team work of hardworking, dedicated, experiences, leadership skills & contribution to the industry.

Ng Chan Beng

Project Director

Mr. Ng Chan Beng has over 28 years working experience in the construction line. He began as a Project Manager in Seng Seng Construction Sdn Bhd from 1984 to 2002, where his job scope involved project planning, managing the on-site work force, site supervision and coordinating with site supervisors and subcontractors.

After leaving Seng Seng Construction Sdn. Bhd, Mr Ng joined Pena Builders Sdn Bhd as Project Director. His responsibilities focused on project management and planning, site supervision, and managing the work force.

At present Mr. Ng is one of the Board of Directors of Pena Group. He is also Pena Group’s Project Director.

Robert Tan

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Robert Tan is an Executive Director of Pena Group. He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2010, and holds qualifications in Industrial Design from Sydney Institute of Technology, Australia.

Mr. Tan joined Seng Seng Motors & Construction Sdn Bhd (SSMCSB) in 1969 and was appointed Manager of Coach-Building. In 1972, he became the Manager of Furniture Manufacturing and Interior Design, another division of SSMCSB. In 1975, he became the Director of Coach-Building, and Furniture Manufacturing and Interior Design of Seng Seng Motors Sdn Bhd and Seng Seng Furniture Sdn Bhd. Since 1987, he has been Managing Director and Head of Operations of Seng Seng Construction Sdn Bhd. His responsibilities have included undertaking a series of factory construction projects for Japanese clients, supervision of high-rise and residential construction work, and various hotel fit-outs and overseas projects.

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